My top 2 missing features

We are at the beginning of a multi continent deployment. I would like to find when the following two features will be available because currently there are only convoluted workarounds for two simple things.

1,. Full scheduling options to run a script. (Not on a tag change not on a timer, not driven by some expression with the necessarily safety nets to make sure the don’t miss or trigger when not required).
I dream of something like MSSQL Agent jobs scheduler. Perhaps adding Exclusive thread, precision and priority options.

2,. Full scheduling options with tag change triggers of the same transaction group. Having to choose triggered or scheduled (timed) is limiting, having to maintain the same transaction group twice just to achieve this is a maintenance headache.

The more I think about it a common scheduler with the above mentioned option would be amazing.

I understand there are workarounds and complex way to achieve both of these but before we embark on adding unnecessary complexities, I would like to find out when if ever these features will be available.

I understand this is not the feature request section, but perhaps someone can point me to a page in the docs where all this exist.


Well, I was going to point you to the ideas portal, but it looks like you already found it. :slight_smile:

the suggestion box is one feature of Ignition I know how to use really well :slight_smile: I see a lot of people taking about these, and perhaps the “dream solution” is a bit resource hungry to implement for 8.0.7, I would really like to know if any sort of script scheduling is at least in the works? Or do we need to hire Phil who seem to be the only person who knows how to do these right. I mean currently it would take 2 tags some expressions, minimum to do this with =< 1s accuracy and 100% reliability.

If you have the reporting module you can use the CRON system built into that to run scheduled scripts.

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It is one of the “workarounds” for a critical missing feature. We do have the reporting module, but if anyone else needs to work in the system it simply makes no sense to look in reporting for scheduling a script. Without breadcrumbs and or intense documentation it simply makes no sense. There are a number of ways to do this but look at SQL Agent. One place a super clear intuitive interface for all things to run on a schedule. I am not interested in building a system for job security, I am interested of being proud of a solution that anyone would understand if I get ran over a by a bus. Clean, simple and intuitive.

Script scheduling (using a CRON or similar) interface is on our list, as I believe we’ve confirmed on the ideas post. It (almost certainly) won’t happen by 8.0.7, because our backlog prioritizes bug fixes over new features, so as much as it might seem to be an “easy” feature to implement, there are still plenty of things to do before we get there.

As for transaction groups - that’s also on our list to fix, but much lower on the list, because it’s really part of a larger refactor to modernize everything in the SQLBridge module.

Thanks for the info! We do it the hard way for now …by actually using the documentation section on tags, just need to download and digest all of Phil’s posts on how to do this right :slight_smile: I think a single scheduler module that would do scripts, transaction groups, reports and all would be amazing. perhaps as a code base it would be easier to maintain as well. Leave timer and trigger functions where they are but add a “job scheduler” module.