New Feature: Component Context Menu

I do have an open ticket with support. I'm using an onContextMenu event on the root of an embedded view that simply opens a popup and passes a tagPath to the view. I have the "Prevent Default" option selected on my Popup action.


I'm not able to replicate with the following setup inside of 8.1.25:

  • A View/Page ("Main") contains an Embedded View which renders "ViewA".
  • ViewA has an onContextMenu Event configured which opens a Popup ("ViewB"), and also has Prevent Default active.

With the given setup, a context-click inside the Embedded View which lands on the "root" container of ViewA opens a Popup.

Without the support issue number that's all I can provide you, because I don't have access to the Support ticketing system. If you want to message me the support issue number I can reach out to Support and request to look over anything you've provided them.

A couple of things to check:

  • Verify the path of the Popup View in use.
  • Place an additional Action (without removing the existing Popup Action) which does nothing but log some message and see if the new Action executes (logs a message) when the context click occurs.

@balbright : you buried the lede, sir. I was failing to replicate because I was directly right-clicking the root node, instead of right-clicking a descendant of the root node. After examining the Support ticket and conversing with the Rep we were able to replicate and I've opened an internal ticket to get this fixed. It's already gone through Development and is in QA. We should have a fix up in the next couple of days. It will be included as part of 8.1.26 stable, even if it doesn't make RC1.


Thanks for the follow up and apologies, if only I knew what was important! :laughing: I have proactively moved the event to a descendant component.

After some internal discussion, we're not comfortable rushing this fix into 8.1.26 so late in the cycle because of the risk of further regression. It's been bumped to the 8.1.27 release.

Any update or comment on this?

@cmallonee I can't seem to get this to work on Alarm Status Table. To make sure it wasn't something I was doing wrong, I dropped a label and right click works. But, right click doesn't seem to work for the summary/status table. Thoughts?

I'm on 8.1.25

Edit, nevermind, I had a stupid moment, I forgot the summary I was using was embedded. Doing the context directly on the component works just fine. I'll leave this in case there is someone else that makes the same mistake.

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Methods were working, then stopped today. I'm on 8.1.25.

When is 8.1.26 scheduled to be released?

Edit, issues for me are on the alarm status table. Testing with a button, for example, works fine for me.

It has to do with components in an embedded capacity. See this post here; the fix will not be part of 8.1.26.

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Sorry I missed that post, I'll try placing a summary straight into a view and see what that does. Weird that it was working and then just stopped.

Any consideration on adding PopUp as a Type for contextMenu?
Instead of trying a Method to do this.

Not likely, because you can already do this with the aforementioned custom function (method) route.