New Feature - Ignition & Perspective Co-Branding

Hi @Bradley_Williams,

Yes, this is available on the nightlies, and should be available on 8.1.20.


Will this feature come on edge also ?


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Hi @De_Clerck_Arnaud,

Potentially. I believe there's a ticket opened to move add this over to Edge, but I don't have much more information than that.

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hi @ayu

thanks for the update.

Is this or will this be a feature for Maker Edition?

Since Maker is for personal use only, what possible co-branding could apply?


What, your house doesn't have a trademarked mascot?


More of a “app color customization” feature than true “co-branding” in this case I guess


Yes, you are right, I should have explained better. We are using maker edition licenses to build our PoC platforms and once approved (internally) we purchase a full license and deploy it to customers.
Even if it were watermarked all over it would be nice to see how it would look. When presenting to the board our current demo has a photoshopped version of the pictures announced in the "co-branding" release with our logo and color theme.:sweat_smile:
We own 3 licenses right now but all three are on ignition 7 and in large-scale use. I'll be excited when/if they let me get a fourth and we can run 8, until then my photoshop skills may have to suffice.

For maker accounts that would be pretty nice

You know, I don't really care personally, but this is still commercial/industrial/professional use and is against the terms of the Maker License.


Use two-hour trial mode for your proofs of concept. Reset as needed. When they are far along enough to need more extensive testing, request a short-term license from your IA sales contact. You can usually get a free one-week or one-month expiring license for projects likely to become real sales.

And you have the full feature set available to match the deployed system.


I did not know this was an option. Thanks for the info!


is it planned for future releases that the branding, especially the favicon, can be configured for each project? As we have several different applications inside our company it would be nice to configure their styles differently.

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Hi @Fabio_Aufinger,

There has been some discussion about this. Let me file a feature request ticket and I'll let you know what happens.

Hi @ayu,

great, thanks.