Nightly 8.0 Changelogs - 2020

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.15-b20200707

Ignition Platform

16547: Add argument to system.util.invokeAsync in all scopes to set task description
Added a ‘description’ argument to system.util.invokeAsynchronous, which allows you to set the description of the asynchronous thread, to view on the script diagnostics pages for your current scope.


16729: Equipment Schedule: Unhelpful error if pctDone or leadTime columns in scheduled events dataset contains null values
Prevented a null pointer exception on the Equipment Schedule component if the pctDone or leadTime columns contained null values.

16700: InvocationTargetException in designer when collapsing Appearance section in Vision prop editor if animation is set up
An NPE is no longer thrown when a Style Customizer is set on a component property and that property is collapsed in the Designer’s Vision Property Editor.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.15-b20200708

Ignition Platform

16702: 3rd party modules installed on master are quarantined on backup, can’t be accepted
Now allowing modules to be installed on redundant backup.

10037: Add an “Execute” Keyboard Shortcut to the Script Console
Added a “Ctrl/CMD + Enter” keyboard shortcut to the execute button in the Script Console.

16668: Remove irrelevant modules when Edge is selected during commissioning
Commissioning edge removes incompatible modules.

11897: intellihint info missing for functions
Fixed an issue where the functions were not appearing in the autocomplete scripting hints.


9348: Add a ‘Remove Binding’ item to right-click menu on properties
Added a “Remove Binding” context menu option to the property table in Vision.

16270: 2-State Toggle Button BeanInfo uses invalid component name
Fixed an issue where the 2-State Toggle Button would be created with an invalid component name.

14842: Vision checkbox mouseover text cannot be removed once added
Fixed an issue where the checkbox component’s tooltip text could not be cleared via the property editor.

8152: Update title on component palettes
Updated the menu item labels for the different Vision palettes to reduce confusion.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200709

Ignition Platform

15765: Description on the project edit page invites user to rename the project, but they can’t
Removed the “Choose a name…” setting description when editing a project on the gateway.


13887: OPCUA Server Diagnostics Status Page
Added a new OPC UA Server Diagnostics Status page to the gateway.


16042: Pie Chart: showValueAsPercent missing tooltip
Tooltip is now showing correctly.

16735: App bar displays Edge icon even though gateway is Ignition
Correct icon now displays.

16611: Perspective Report Viewer is not usable after restarting the Reporting module
Fixed an issue with the Perspective Report Viewer component where restarting the reporting module would not reinitialize the component.


9015: Component bindings panel should start a bit larger
Gave the property binding dialog a little more height.

14284: Alarm journal priority filter dropdown text is not visible on hover because color matches background
Fixed an issue where the selected priority filter on Vision’s Alarm Journal dropdown was difficult to see.

14117: Allow font sizes up to 1000 in font editor
Fixed an issue where font sizes in Vision couldn’t exceed 100.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200710

Ignition Platform

16765: Update Gateway Network config page descriptions
Updated GAN settings record description.


15665: Creating an Embedded View via drag-drop should name the component after the view
Updated to name the component after the view.

16042: Pie Chart: showValueAsPercent missing tooltip
Fixed pie chart “showValueAsPercent” tooltip.


10247: Report Toolbar Missing Tooltip For Some Options
Add missing reporting toolbar tooltips.


8644: Have Comments Panel new note field get focus automatically
New note field now automatically gets focus.

15899: Binding Vision Barcode To Dataset Throws Null Pointer Exception
Fixed an issue where a null pointer exception would be thrown if the barcode component’s code property was set to a null value.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200713


8465: DNP3 Aliased Points Config Page Buttons
Fixed buttons on DNP3 Aliased Points Config Page.

Ignition Platform

16622: Default launch mode isn’t being stored within vision-client-launcher.json (window.mode)
Launcher window mode and icon UI now update from gateway proj props.

16753: Show enabled state on alarm journal page
Added a column showing the enabled state to the alarm journal page.

14372:Only last NameFilter within browseHistoricalTags is being applied
Updated to pass all name filters into the history provider query at once.

16343: Show button on Threads status page has hover styling even when not hovered
Thread Status page updated to be more consistent with the Log Status page.

16383: Changing an alarm property causes existing events to disappear from Alarm Status, triggers new event
Editing the properties of an alarm no longer triggers a new event. Existing events are preserved.

16609: Tag browser trait icon to indicate tag permissions exist is missing for UDT members
Fixed to provide an indicator when tag security permissions have been defined on UDT members.

14103: Tag editor role missing on the Edit Real time Tag provider page in 8.0
Added support for tag editor security level permissions.


15900: Update Programmable Simulator Configuration Page To Show 25 rows
Updated Programmable Simulator Configuration Page To Show 25 rows.


10540: NPE on pasting in reporting if the editable page is not 'active’
Fixed an issue where pasting a component after clicking outside of the page in the Report Designer would cause an error.


15739:Hex field is cut off when using gradient within paint property panel
Increase default size of PaintPropertyEditor.

9669: Add Vision component type tooltip in project browser
Added tooltips to indicate component type in the project browser inside the Vision workspace.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200714


13751: Implement a user based Inactivity Timeout
New user based inactivity timeout is provided.


8108: Horizontal Alignment Cell Attribute dataset of Power Table is not sanitized
Fixed an issue where invalid values for horizontal or vertical alignment in the power table’s cell attributes dataset would throw uncaught errors.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200715

Ignition Platform

16783: Image management thumbnail text not antialiased
Text on items in Image Management now make use of anti-aliasing.


16650: Add “Direct Select” feature to automatically deep select click-target’s parent
Added direct select feature to allow drilling and backing out to the direct selection.

15936: Remove Duplicate option for Root nodes when View node is selected
Removed Duplicate option.


14256:Table component sort icon is a weird green and red color in 8.0
Fixed classic table sort icon.

15720: Cannot Modify Template Master if it’s shared and you’ve upgraded from 7.9 to 8
Fixed an issue where template instances upgraded from 7.9 “Shared” global path couldn’t be quickly modified via double or right click in the designer.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200716

Ignition Platform

16113: Edge Compute: Update “Visualization Name” prop naming and description text
Updated name and description of Visualization Module setting for Edge.


16796: Custom response handlers not executing for SECS-1/serial
The SECS-1 (serial) protocol can now use custom message response handlers.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200717

Allen-Bradley Drivers

16141:Implement Write Priority in Logix Drivers
Prioritize Logix write requests.


15587: Make the hover color on the Horizontal Menu component configurable/overridable
Horizontal Menu - Styles with the element state Hover will now correctly apply to menu items.


16153: Exporting reports to Excel gets exponentially slower with more rows
Increase speed when exporting large reports to Excel.


9083: Tab strip mouse events give coordinates per tab instead of the overall component
Mouse events on the Vision Tab Strip component now report cursor coordinate based on the tab where the event triggered from.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200720


16381: Illegal object of type map merge
Fixed issue that could cause “Illegal object of type map/merge” error messages.

14963: Perspective context menus should match in the Project Browser and View
Updated so the context menu matches Project Browser and View.

16652: Numeric Entry Field: supplying invalid characters results in loss of value
Numeric Entry Field - Supplying an invalid character to the Numeric Entry Field no longer results with the original value being cleared when the Focus is lost.

15587: Make the hover color on the Horizontal Menu component configurable/overridable
Horizontal Menu - Styles with the element state Hover will now correctly apply to menu items.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200721

Ignition Platform

16524: Upgrade the bundled JRE to 11.0.7
Updated embedded JRE to 11.0.7.

15184: Tag editor prompt when changes are made
Now prompts the user to save tag changes when switching to a new tag to edit.

16681: Buttons on idp config page aren’t properly aligned on Chrome
Buttons in the Gateway have been restyled to have a more consistent size and position, particularly action buttons on tabular pages such as Config -> Identity Providers.

16628: Overridden DateTimes within UDT instances are reset on gateway restart
The overridden value is now not changed on Gateway restart.


15603: SimpleTable will throw NoSuchMethodException when Style set to List 1 or 2
Fixed so that the error is no longer thrown.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200723

Ignition Platform

16659: should catch Throwable when invoking callbacks
Added fallback logging to Promise chains returned from asynchronous functions.

16745: Unchecked recursion causes deeply nested tags to load slowly
Fixed a bug that caused gateways with deeply nested tag structures to start slowly.

16763: XML control characters in tag event script aren’t escaped on export
Fixed escape scripts for XML exports.


16229: Unable to remove Identity Provider from project
Allow removal of IDP in project settings.

16743: Phone with large fonts cannot get past maker edition speedbump
The Maker Edition disclaimer that displays on Perspective Pages more gracefully handles small screen sizes, and or large font sizes.


10513: Weekview inconsistent event display for overlapping events
Individual events on the same day are not overlapping each other and correctly displaying beside each event.

10427: KeyTyped extension function on a dropdown component
Fixed an issue where the keyTyped extension function on Vision dropdown components wouldn’t trigger.

16710: Power Table in Vision renders Cell Spans incorrectly
Fixed issue that caused Power Table cell spanning feature to render incorrectly

10067: Power Table’s Background Color property only works when rows are present
Background of the Power Table is now the same color as the rows.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200724

Ignition Platform

16205: Can’t use shortcut options on Linux Vision Client/Designer Launcher when target Gateway is Edge
Fixed so that the shortcut is now working correctly.

8766: Add configureChart to all JFreechart extension Vision components
Added a configureChart extension function to the following components:
Bar Chart, Gantt Chart, Status Chart, Pie Chart, Meter, Thermometer, Compass

16718: Filter out null values in UserSourceProfile#getUsers collection
Fixed a potential NPE which could cause authentication to fail for an IdP pointing to an AD/DB hybrid user source.


9609: Add row height override to Dropdown List, Power Table Options editor
Added the ability to customize the row height on the Dropdown List and Power Table’s “options” editor mode, to better support interaction on touchscreen devices.

9761: Dropping Dataset tags on the root container and selecting dropdown fails to populate the dropdown with values
Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a dataset tag as a Dropdown List did not set up the component correctly.

14202: UDT drop in Vision suggesting incorrect templates
Fixed so when dragging & dropping a UDT instance on a window, users should only be able to pick templates where the drop target type is the same type as the UDT.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200727

Enterprise Administration

10572:EAM throws binding error on client re-login or designer project switch
Fixed error behavior for binding on client-login or designer project switch.

Ignition Platform

16839: Gateway network Apache http connection does not respect gateway SSL cipher settings
Now using user-specified SSL ciphers for gateway network connections.

9526: NonSerializingDataset cannot be written to tags
Fixed so that the current value of the dataset writes to specific tag.

13476: Expose OIDC Token API Response Object in a Perspective Session
OIDC IdPs now expose the token endpoint response object to Attribute Mappers, Security Level Rules, and Perspective Sessions.

14109: OpenID Connect: Introduce first-class support for User Info API
OIDC IdPs now support User Info.

15591: Identity provider User Attribute Mapping fields can’t be set back to None after initially specified
Optional user attribute mapping fields may now be reset to None.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200728

Ignition Platform

16847: Changing data type on memory tag in UDT can lead to value override in instances
Changing data type of memory tag with a bound value in a UDT can result in overridden values set on instance.

16713: Restrict creating parameters folder within UDT
User defined “Parameters” folder on UDT can clash with built-in node and cause issues, upgrade incompatibilities.

16854: Nested memory tags using path-based built-in UDT params evaluate incorrectly
Fixed by updating the path on startup (activation), we ensure we have the right path if it’s available.


16789: Views: add timeout option as safety for non-blocking views
Views with loading mode set to non-blocking will only wait patiently for five seconds if they have not been called. Prevents views from never loading because the thread is heavily occupied.


9972: Text Area’s Editable property doesn’t update non-default background color
Background color no longer toggles to white when editable.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200729

Ignition Platform

10061: Alarm Event Missing Information After Alarm Enabled Property Toggled
Fixed so that the missing information is now present.

16299: Allow system.db scripting functions to work in designer when Vision is not installed
Updated so system.db scripting functions now work in Designer when Vision is not installed.

16689: {ArrayTag}[#] Tag Expressions return bad quality due to OOB errors
Updated so that if value is an array swap row with column.


16424: Datasets in an array in a script transform evaluate as a string
Fixed issue that caused script transforms to be unable to read datasets inside of arrays or objects.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200730

Ignition Platform

Add an alphabetical sorting option to system.dataset.sort and the sortDataset expression function
Added natural/alphabetical option for system.dataset.sort().


15888: OPC Reads Report NULL Timestamp
Now using server timestamp when source timestamp is null or isNull.

15251: system.opc.browse exception
Filtering out browse results with Milo types that don’t exist in the client.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200731

Ignition Platform

16725:The runSFUpdateQuery() can cause store and forward to grow unbounded
Fixed so this no longer grows unbounded.

16300: Allow excel sheets to be named using system.dataset.toExcel()

16750: Cannot copy/paste inherited tags in UDT definition into other UDT definition
Users can now copy any of the tags in a UDT definition into another definition.

16857: Designer session activity results in error: Received unknown message type “client-activity” protocol=client-activity
Eliminate log message ‘Received unknown message type “client-activity”’ which could spam gateway logs.

BACnet Driver

16842: Initialization fails with abortReason=segmentation-not-supported
Handle segmentation not being supported while reading the object list.


16864: Dropdown component has too much spacing for search input on left side of text area.
This update forces the dropdown selected item to be left aligned with the search field to the right of the selected items (regardless of single vs multiple selection mode).
In multiple selection mode, the scroll position of the value container (DOM node containing the selected dropdown items) is moved back to the top when the item search container is blurred in order to keep the top-most selected items viewable.
Initial width of the dropdown is also set on component focus so that the dropdown modal can have width.


16843:NPE is displayed when you Browse Opc for New Opc item in Transaction group
Fix NPE for new OPC item in transaction groups.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200803


16570: Buffered DNP3 Tag Events Are Not Recording History Properly
Fixed to process events in the correct order and store history with the latest.

Ignition Platform

16848: Adding new tag() Expression tag to existing UDTDef with instances takes ~25 seconds per instance to complete
Use of the tag() function inside a tag in a UDT can potentially lead to a blocking delay of 30 seconds when the tag is initialized.

16882: Remote tag provider connections from current 8.0 build to older gateways is broken
Remote tag providers to older gateways now work.

16725: runSFUpdateQuery() can cause store and forward to grow unbounded
Fixed an issue that resulted in entries added to Store and Forward by the system.db.runSFUpdateQuery function to never be deleted.

16449: Ignition 8 gateway faulted: simpleorm.utils.SException$Validation
Increased the max length of a tag event script in the internal database from 4,096 to 268,435,455 characters.

16865: Backport to 7.9: XSS vulnerabilities possible in various Gateway Web Pages
Fixed a set of XSS vulnerabilities discovered in the Gateway Web Interface.


16755: Carousel Component - Passing a DataSet as a viewParam to a TimeSeries Chart
The Time Series Chart and Chart Range Selector can now receive their data from a dataset binding that has been piggybacked through the carousel view params.

16858: Dropdown: Tabbing onto a Dropdown before it has been expanded results in no options displayed
Tabbing in before the dropdown has been expanded for the first time will now display all options.

16856: Dropdown: discrepancy in display of selected options
All selected options for the single and multi variants of the component now display on the left side.


16843: NPE is displayed when you Browse OPC for New Opc item in Transaction group
Fixed a NullPointerException that would occur when trying to set the OPC Item Path on an OPC Item in a Transaction Group.


16695: ProjectTagManager starts up before client module hooks are loaded, causes errors in runScript expressions using module functions
Prevents a race condition that occurred when using the runScript expression function on client tags.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.16-b20200804

Ignition Platform

15842: Remove java deserialization that doesn’t use whitelists
Hardened numerous instances of potentially unsafe java object deserialization.

16716: isAlarmActiveFiltered() expression returns Bad_NotFound when active alarms are shelved
Fixed so isAlarmActiveFiltered now includes shelved events.


16875: Perspective sessions on heavily loaded gateway and/or slow connections can get stuck in disconnect/reconnect loop
Fixed issue that could cause slow or heavily loaded sessions to get stuck in disconnect/reconnect loop.


8999: Reports in the project browse tree need a tool tip
Added thumbnails to report nodes in the project browser.


16889: system.secsgem.sendRequest returns transaction id of 0 for SECS-1/serial
Fixed SECS-GEM serial transaction ID generation.


16883: SerializationException on save when transaction group items have alarms with bound associated data
Added serialization handlers for AssociatedData.