Nightly 8.0 Changelogs - 2020

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.8-b20200106

Ignition Platform

15453: Clearing out all objects of type ProjectScriptModules from the ScriptManager
Fixed an issue where changes made to script packages were not being represented in the designer.

15610: Adjusting Tag History Sample Rate requires a tag restart to take effect
Changes to the tag history sample rate no longer require a tag restart to take effect.

15284: system.tag.browse() doesn’t work with empty path outside Vision
The system.tag.browse() function now works with an empty path when called from the gateway and perspective.

15578: Exporting/Importing Tags as XML converts all custom property types to String
Fixed an issue where tag imports were changing the type of custom properties to strings.

15171: “Error writing to value.value: Bad_Unsupported” in Tag Browser writing directly to .value property of an OPC tag
Prevented an error that could occur when writing to the value property of an OPC tag.


14050: Implement Alarm Journal Table, enhance filtering of alarm tables, make tables responsive.
Implement Perspective Alarm Journal Table component

14009: Add priority filters to Perspective Alarm Status Table
The Alarm Status Table component now has priority filters preconfigured under the searching tools, similar to how there are state filters.

14527: Browser memory leak no longer caused by Perspective project updates
Fix browser memory leaks in Perspective by upgrading major libraries. Use browser with no extensions to see best results.


15429: Shift-click multi-select in the alarm status table
Added support for multi-selection in Vision’s alarm status table.

15595: Avoid running ActionAdapter actions after it has been shutdown
Prevents an IllegalStateException that could occur on Vision Property Change scripts after logging out of the client.