Nightly Changelogs - 2019

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191009

Ignition Platform

14881: Catch error on query execution from null datasource
Fixed an error that would occur if a named query with a datasource parameter was bound to a tag.


13958: Support non integer ticks for a Linear Scale
The Perspective Linear Scale component now supports floating point tick marks.

14706: Mark Down List Style
The Perspective Markdown component will now indent ordered, and unordered lists.

14756: Mobile Interaction added to the Time Series Chart and Chart Range Selector
Improved mobile interaction support for both the Time Series Chart and Chart Range Selector:

  • Both charts support pinch and pull to control zooming
  • Chart Range Selector allows brushes to be drawn with a single touch point
  • Brushes on the Chart Range Selector can be moved with a single touch point

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191010

Ignition Platform

15145: TagProviderRPC cleanups around auditing
Fixed an issue with tag auditing, where full qualified values would be written to the audit log on tag write, rather than just the updated value.

14811: Fix ResourceTreeNode#getResource inheritance with overrides
Fixed an issue where the wrong resource would be displayed in the scripting editor in certain complex inheritance scenarios.


15140: Add Perspective OverviewContributor
Added a Perspective card to the Overview page under the Status section of the Gateway’s Web Interface.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191014

Ignition Platform

14945: Add SSL Protocols setting to SMTP server config
Added an “SSL Protocols” setting to SMTP Profiles, allowing users to specify which protocols will be allowed if connecting via SSL/TLS.

14977: Update TagSetBuilder to use writeBlocking and allow new pathing format
Vision’s “Set Tag Value” script builder now uses system.tag.writeBlocking. In addition, fixed a bug where the script builder was unable to write to UDT parameters due to Ignition 8’s newer tag path formatting.


15047: Lazily fetch the chart instance in XTraceAction to prevent leak
Fixed a memory leak on the Classic Chart, caused by new XTraceActions being given a reference to previous JfreeChart instances.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191015


14957 Improve OPC-UA connection wizard
Fixed a wicket error that could occur during OPC UA discovery when a null was returned.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191016

Ignition Platform

14731: Unwrap priority objects in alarm properties to integers
The HightestAckedPriority, HighestActivePriority, and HighestUnackedPriority alarm properties now have Integer values instead of string representations.


14538 Add auto setting to Dock Panel content
Perspective Docks now have an “auto” content option, in addition to push and cover. Auto acts like cover when the viewport is smaller than the Auto breakpoint, and push when the viewport is larger than the Auto breakpoint.

14796: Perspective component helper icons
Added component badges to signify certain component configurations. There are now badges representing the following configurations:

  • binding
  • view permissions
  • property change script
  • message handlers
  • custom methods
  • event action
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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191017

Alarm Notification

15129 alarm status transition
Fixed a bug where the Pipeline Status tables on the Gateway’s Alarm Pipeline Status page would be stuck with a Status of “Transitioning to next block”.

Ignition Platform

14991: Update tag alarm label property description
Updated the description on the Label property, stating that the property will return the name of the alarm in cases where a label value isn’t specified.

14975: Now sanitizing brackets in a managed provider tag path
Fixed an SDK issue where ManagedTagProviders were unintentionally creating folders when square brackets were used in a tag path.

15080: Recreate manifest on back button in ProjectDialog
Fixed an issue where the ‘Create New Project’ form in the designer would not be re-initialized, leading to a project being created with an incorrect name.

14871: Live lock caused by BatchContext executing while locked
Prevent a potential livelock that could occur in the tag execution system.

Modbus Driver

14790: Fix the one-based addressing setting
Converted the One-Based Addressing setting in Modbus devices to Zero-Based Addressing. Upon upgrade, the value on the new property will be inverted automatically to maintain backwards compatibility.


15036 Launcher respects retries, added new modal with feedback Fixed an issue where Client Launchers weren’t respecting timeout and retries settings when attempting to target a gateway that isn’t running. Additionally, added a new modal that provides feedback about the attempts

10043: Add system.gui.getScreenIndex
Created a new function that returns an integer value representing the current screen index, based on which screen the function was called from.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191018

Enterprise Administration

14563: Improve EAM send project resources task
Updated the EAM Send Project Resources task to work with inherited projects.

Ignition Platform

14991: Update tag alarm label property description
Updated the description on the Label property, stating that the property will return the name of the alarm in cases where a label value isn’t specified.


15213: Fix broken i18n translation on refresh tooltip
Fixed a broken tooltip on the refresh button located on Vision’s Tag History binding window.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191021

Ignition Platform

14738: IdPs are now keyed based on name instead of ID
Identity Providers are now referenced by name instead of internal ID. Additionally, a default Identity Provider can now be set at the Project - General level in Project Properties. As a result the the Perspective - General level property is being deprecated.

15198: Executing template repeater loads on its own single threaded executor
Fixed an issue where multiple Template Repeaters loading concurrently could cause the client to freeze.


13211: Introduce a project scan lock
Fixed an issue where saving a project while a file tree update occurs could potentially lead to missing or empty resources.

14839: Page models can be slow to build which results in failed references
Fixed a Jython issue that caused Perspective pages to load slowly, which could have potentially resulted in failed scripting references

14734: Adding a Legend to the Time Series Chart Component
Added a legend to the Timeseries Chart. The legend can be positioned in different locations (top, right, bottom, left) and styled.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191022

Ignition Platform

13965: Fixed project tree issue caused by 500ms delay
Fixed an issue that caused the Project Browser to show resources in the wrong location after they have been moved by drag-and-drop.

Added a new scripting function,, to give easy access to blocking and asynchronous HTTP requests from scripting in all scopes.


15240: Fix case sensitivity in ImageDropDialog
Fixed an issue where images with capitalized filenames couldn’t be uploaded in Perspective via drag and drop.

13525 Perspective component tooltips in the Project Browser
Perspective component nodes in the Project Browser now show the component type as tooltip.

13106: UDT drop parameter binding doesn’t maintain letter casing from the UDT definition
Fixed an issue where parameters names on embedded views created by UDT drag-and-drop were forcibly using lower case names, instead of maintaining the casing on the underlying UDT members.


15116: Forward port of Report Viewer NPE fixes and some minor cleanup
Prevented a Null Pointer Exception from right click menu on the Vision Report Viewer if a report was not loaded.


15215: Historical browse tree right-click menu
Prevented an exception that could occur when right-clicking the Tag Browse Tree component when it is in historical mode.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191024

Ignition Platform

14877: Array tag support for Ignition 8
Fixed an issue where Individual array elements in an array tag could not be written to.


14454 Perspective sessions now aware of module changes
Running Perspective sessions now update when modules that contributed components are installed or uninstalled

15232: New API for handling tag drops
Added a new API that can modify what happens when a tag is dropped on the component in the Designer, allowing the component to “handle” the tag in some way.

15233: Enhancements to Tag Drop on Components
Dropping tags onto existing components can now create bindings on those components if the data type of the tag matches a Tag Drop configuration in the project, instead of always calling the component creation context menu.


14992: Fix serialization for BorderUIResources
Fixed an error that was occurring when trying to save resources with components using custom Titled Border configurations.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191025

Ignition Platform

14949: Bring back alarm property path display when editing alarm binding
Added breadcrumbs to the Tag Editor while configuring alarm properties, showing which property is being edited.

14877: Array tag support for Ignition 8
Fixed an issue where Individual array elements in array tags could not be written to.


14512: Added the ability to logout from the Forbidden terminal state page
Added the capability to logout from the “Forbidden” terminal state page in Perspective Sessions.

11647 Improved UX for adding stuff in the json editor
Improved the User Interface responsible for adding new properties to the Perspective Property Editor.

14404 Improve the wording on property editor context menus
Updated the wording on the “Structure” options in the Perspective Property Editor context menu to better clarify what they do.

15271 Editor issue wipes out tag drag-drop configs
Fixed an issue that could clear tag drop configuration mappings in the Designer by hitting Apply before OK.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191028


14631: Remove timeout on disconnect, update master to 1.0.11
Fixed a Redundancy issue where DNP3 connections would continue to remain idle on master gateways after resuming control.

Ignition Platform

15275: Coercion of string to array (for example, to write to an array tag in one call) does not create the correct type of value, resulting in subsequent errors.
Prevents a Null Pointer Exception that could occur when coercing a non-array type value to an array.

14886: Tag alarm status properties not updated correctly when alarms’ enabled property is bound
Fixed an issue where tag alarm status properties were not correctly updated in cases where an alarm’s Enabled property was bound.


15279: Group subscription items by rate before optimizing
Fixed a request optimization bug that caused some items to be polled faster than requested.

15138: Allow CA certificates without a KeyUsage extension
Relaxed CA check during certificate validation to allow a missing KeyUsage extension if BasicConstraints is present with cA=true.


15082: Support hiding Perspective projects in the gateway launch page
Added a new setting under Perspective General Project Properties that allows a project to be hidden from the Session Launcher and mobile app project listing.

11010: Component Rotation and related issues
Meta.Rotate has been migrated to Position.Rotate. Position.Rotate only applies to children of coordinate containers. New tools have been added to the designer to customize rotation: draggable rotation handles and anchor handles.

11604: Dragging with Nested column containers doesn’t add component to proper row
Components can now be dragged to the proper row with nested column containers.


15076: Send notification upon secondary license activation
Changes made to secondary licenses will now be logged in the gateway console.

The 8.0.6RC is now available! You can download that here.

The 8.0.7 Nightlies are now available as well:

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191029

Ignition Platform

14826: Add system.util.getVersion()
Introduces system.util.getVersion(), returning an Version object. The object has “.major” and “.minor” attributes which can be used to check exact version values.

14088: Only show deep select badge in active editor
The Deep Selection icon in the Project Browser will only appear on active views, as opposed to every open view in the Designer.

12152: Track the display that the script console editor is on, refresh font if moved to a new monitor
Fixed an issue where moving the designer’s Script Console from a low-DPI monitor to a high-DPI monitor would cause the text cursor to become offset.

14978: Fix localized strings for CSV tag import
Fixed a broken description on the CSV tag import window.

15267: Wildcard subscriptions installed on the provider root don’t propagate correctly to children tags
Fixed an issue where wildcard tag subscription made on the root provider did not correctly propagate to children nodes.

15281: Improve tag intersection to simply ignore ineligible nodes.
Tag actions (right click menu, etc) are now enabled if there are ANY eligible nodes, instead only ONLY eligible nodes. This will help editing many tags, where some ineligible tags (like folders) were accidentally selected with the others.


15257: Table component accepts date objects, filtering and sorting performed on formatted visual values, and selection and filtering results return raw values
The Perspective Table component no longer errors out when data contains a Date object. In addition, refined filtering and sorting operations so that they’re applied to the displayed results, and not the source results.

14840: Enforcing a timestamp check on series data
Enforces a timestamp check on props.series data to make sure that it is in chronological order. This will help ensure that the “time” column is always the first column of data returned in a dataset. If non chronological data is provided (check made on the first column of data), an appropriate error will be displayed. In addition, updated the JSON schema to be more clear that the timestamp should be in the first column.


14873: Decouple report preview limit from named query testing setting
Named Queries called by Reports in the Designer will now adhere to the preview limit configured on the Named Query Data Source, instead of using the “Use Sample Size Limit” on the named query’s Testing tab.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191031

Ignition Platform

14499: Fix behavior of UIResponses when called from the gateway
UIResponse objects (such as those returned by system.user.addUser) generated in the gateway will contain appropriate logging information instead of being empty.

15322: Modify tag structure change event to include node info for removed tags
[API] Tag structure change events now include browse information for removed tags, and not just tagpath.


Edge Audit & Alarm Sync + Remote Journal & Audit Profile
8288: Create a remote alarm journal profile
Introduces Remote Alarm Journal and Remote Audit Log configurations, allowing records from both systems to be stored on a remote gateway. This feature applies to both Ignition and Edge.

9607: Edge alarm journal and audit log should be able to sync under EAM
Entries collected by the Alarm Journal and Audit Log on Edge gateways can now be forwarded to an Ignition gateway for long-term storage via EAM sync. Settings for this feature are available under the new Edge Sync Config page on Edge gateways.

5615: Audit Profiles should use the store and forward system
Audit Profiles now use the Store and Forward system.

8554: A way to reset sync state for Edge Remote History Sync
Added a way to reset synchronization state for internal historian providers.

11956: Gateway restore on edge can carry over old sync id, preventing remote sync
Fixed an issue that could prevent Edge history sync upon gateway restore.

14350: Edge Tag History Sync page doesn’t highlight on menu
Fixed an issue where the Edge Sync page wasn’t highlighted on the sidebar while the page was open.

14651: Put all edge-related DB files into single edge_data folder
Refactored how Edge stores historian records.

15144: Rename “Edge Historian” to "Internal Historian"
Renamed the “Edge Historian” historian provider to “Internal Historian” on both Edge and Ignition.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191101

Ignition Platform

15160: TimeSeries - Yaxis does not display decimal places
Fixed an issue on the Time Series Chart where the Y axis was not displaying decimal places.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191106

Ignition Platform

15349: Fix incorrect hashCode() implementation in ResourcePath
Fixed an issue where modifying a resource in a project could unintentionally delete the original resource, and create a new resource with the modifications.


15190: Separate discovery and endpoint url overrides
The OPC UA connection wizard now allows discovery URLs to be configured independently of host overrides.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191107

Ignition Platform

14828: Break up quarantined tag history data on retry
Improved the efficiency of retry attempts for quarantined Tag History data by attempting to forward all records for a single tag individually after the first failed attempt, instead of forwarding all tag data simultaneously.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191108

Ignition Platform

15358: Fix diff application of non-overridable resources in Vision projects
Fixed an issue where inherited resources marked as non-overridable would not update in running clients/session if changes were made to the parent project.


12986: Add vibrate option to native perspective apps.
Added the system.perspective.vibrateDevice function. When called from the Perspective mobile app, will cause the device to vibrate.


15210 Historical tag paths now have missing drv part included
Fixed an issue where Historical tag paths provided by the Tag Browse Tree component were not using the full historical path.


12210: Allow “Require Authentication” to be set per-method for Web Dev
Updated the ‘Require Authentication’ flag on Python endpoints to be specified per-method. Also, added an ‘Enabled’ flag to disable particular methods.

10004: Body of POST Request to WebDev is not parsed if ‘Content-Type’ is not exactly 'application/json’
Fixed an issue where the body content of an incoming HTTP request would not be parsed into Python objects if the Content-Type header was not exactly ‘application/json’

12426: Break webdev Python endpoints into individual files to support diffing
Moved Webdev configuration into readable .json and .py files on the gateway’s file system.

7674: Add a doPatch HTTP Method
Added a ‘doPatch’ method to Webdev Python endpoints.

14296: Add to or override ‘copy path’ menu action in Webdev resources to add 'Copy Mount Path
Added a ‘Copy Mount Path’ action to Webdev resource nodes.

8798: Non-text request bodies not accessible in WebDev script’s request dictionary
Added a fallback to the ‘request[“data”]’ method parameter, so that if the incoming request body was not text, it will be available as a byte array.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191111


14594: Updating json schema and adding new version of react-timeseries-library
Fixed an issue on the Chart Range Selector component where ticks in multiples of 5 would not render under certain circumstances.

Ignition Platform

4109: Apache POI in Platform:Common with Dataset adapter impl
Deprecated system.dataset.dataSetToExcel(). Legacy systems that upgrade should still be able to make use of the old function.

Introduced a new system.dataset.toExcel function to replace dataSetToExcel(). In addition, XLSX files generated in Ignition are now true XLSX files, instead of renamed XML files.

15295: Fix null coercion in DatasetUtilities#append
Fixed an issue where system.dataset.appendDataset would erroneously replace null values in the source dataset with a default value (based on the column type).


15070: Tag Tree Panel now allows selection of array tag elements
Tag array elements now appear in Vision’s tag binding interface.

12545: Support client tag import & export
Client tags can now be imported and exported from the tag browser.

15161: Tag Selection Tree now refreshes tags when opened
The tag selector tree accessible while editing a Tag Item will now correctly refresh upon open.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.7-b20191112

Ignition Platform

15403: Fix diff generation and application in ProjectSynchronizer
Fixed an issue in redundancy that could lead to the backup project structure being out of sync or including extra overridden resources compared to the master.


15084: Updated text for hiding project from the launcher
Reworded Vision’s “Hide From Launch Page” project property to “Hide From Launcher”. In addition, this setting now prevents the project from being displayed in Vision Client Launchers.

15265: Fix NPE when no entry for x/y on absolute positioning
Prevented an exception that could occur when saving instance configurations in the Template Canvas while the instance is missing positioning or size values.

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