No windowPath in Tree View Data Set

I’m trying to set up a navigation tree to move between the various windows in my project. The docs say if I use the Dataset property I’m supposed to see a windowPath column which will allow me to open my windows. It’s not there even though I’ve already created several windows. I’m using a blank project template, not the one that has the tree view already as part of it. How do I fix this so I can open my windows?


Manually edit the dataset to add the column. Then add a variety of scripts in various places to use that column. Or create another project using that navigation style and copy and paste the pieces you need. Navigation is not a built-in feature of the treeview component.

It’s pretty overkill, but you can also check out the ‘ExpandableNav’ template I put into cloud templates; it will autopopulate the tree view based on whatever windows you have in your project.

A a couple of questions and a comment. I don’t mean to sound snarky but why wouldn’t navigation be part of the tree view component? What else would you use it for?

In any case.

First question: There doesn’t seem to be any way to copy and paste the Dataset elements. It seems I have to populate all the fields manually if I add a new one. If I use the treeview customizer I get populated fields but no windowPath property.

Second question: Where do the cloud templates live? I’m new to Ignition as I’m sure you can probably tell.


I found it but it doesn’t do anything. How do I get it to auto-populate?


Let’s see:

  • Folders and the files in them in a filesystem,
  • Recipe categories, recipes, stages, and steps within a batch process,
  • Assemblies of parts and nested assemblies in warehouse management,
  • Organizational structures and substructures and the people/assets/tasks/etc. within them,

I’m sure there’s more. /-:

Designer: Tools–>Cloud Templates Browser. I realize you found this; may help someone else.

I haven’t used the template in question, but would guess it auto-populates in runtime (or perhaps in preview mode in Designer).

The best way to practice and learn Ignition is:

  1. Download the demo project and play with it in the designer.

  2. Ignition online demo.

  3. IA university.


Thanks guys.

Good point about the other uses for the treeviewer. Tunnel vision on my part. :wink:

Can’t get the ExpandableNav component to work so in the absence of any sort of documentation I’m moving on.

Thanks for the info on learning resources. I’ve just started the IU courses as part of getting our company certified as an integrator. I’ve looked at the online demo but I didn’t realize you could download something to run in Designer. That is REALLY helpful.

Thanks again for all your help.

@witman got it in one, but if you want to dive into how it works the majority of the code is in the rebuild custom method on the tree view component itself. It constructs a ‘default’ tree view element, then goes through each window output by system.gui.getWindowNames() and puts those elements into the dataset.

I’m in over my head here. I don’t even know how to get there.

Right-click on the treeview in the template. Open “Scripting…” from the context menu.

Here is what I ended up doing. This comes from this post:

  • I opened the the Multi-Tier Project Template which gave me my treeview.
  • I copied my existing windows into the new project.
  • I opened up the dataset editor for the treeview component
  • I copied that into to Notepad
  • I edited the fields for my windows and pasted it back to the dataset editor.

Cumbersome but easier than manually editing every field.

I have to ask this question: The post referenced above is from 5 years ago. Back then it was moved to a feature request. Has it not been addressed or are there better ways of doing it? Seems to me it would be handy just to be able to copy and paste rows in the dataset editor. You can’t even copy or paste a single cell.

Anyway, thanks again for all the help.