Node Red Tag Write


I can successfully read tags from Ignition into Node Red and also write static values, but I don’t know how to write the msg.payload to an Ignition tag.

If I do this, it works:

I would like to write the msg.payload, as available from the dropdown. Just can’t seem to figure out how to link Tag Value to Value.

Could someone please point me in the write direction?


I had the same problem and couldn’t find a dummied down instruction set. Now it makes sense. You need to move the previous payload to tagValue.

And clear the tag value input for what you are writing. My tag name in Ignition is ‘test’ in the root of the folders.


I just got it right with a function:

var newMsg =    { 
                    payload:    {
return newMsg;

But I like your solution more.


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What nodes are the slider and colour picker?

Also can anyone explain the Tag Path? I want to make sure as I build my Maker project and my node red project that I’m doing things right.

slider and colour picker were just part of the default Node-Red install, under the Dashboard objects, on the left side. I’m definitely not a Node-Red expert. I would like to skip the extra layers of software and have Ignition directly communicate with my devices, so I’ve discontinued my efforts to have Node-Red control my MagicHue lights, from an Ignition Perspective client, and am working on straight from Ignition.

The Tag Path is simply the tag you have created in Ignition’s designer on the gateway.


You see I have a tag called ‘test’ and it is in my ‘root directory’ so to speak. [default] is the name of my tag provider on the gateway. I didn’t change the name of my tag provider for Ignition, so it is called ‘default’.

Hope that helps some.

So it would follow standard directory path logic then? Using your picture I would do “Common\test” if you had a test tag in your common folder?

yes, but use the forward slash.


Thank you. Now to figure out why my rpi4 wont let me access the webserver anymore so I can make a killer program.

Got it work again but I’m running into this error:
Error: Invalid property expression: unexpected at position 8
Not sure why (new to both node red and ignition so forgive me if its an easy fix.

I hope you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy.
I can see in your Tag Browser Hubitat.
May I ask you how did you make it works.

good morning ,

could any one help me in configuring egnition_tag_write node
the field Tag value i can’t found how to link it to an injected message
just when write in the field directy it shown in ignition tag value

if any one has a titorial for this nods ( write and read )

@dalllelmouez Take a look at @jdrichards70 reply up above - it shows how to add a Move node to get the payload in the right place to write the tag (msg.payload.tagValue)

Hi i am trying to do this with an API. I still don’t get the right Value in Ignition. do you know what i did wrong?
I set everything the same as you did, alsois the object “true”.