Online Ignition Manual Shows error

502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

This is usually a network problem somewhere along the path between your computer and our docs website. Is it still happening for you?

It was broken for me too at about the same time, with same nginx 502 error, but is working now. FWIW.

While it is technically true, this error usually means a proxy server can't contact the main server. So it seems to have been a problem on the content delivery network.

Nothing a user can do, except perhaps go via a VPN and hoping to arrive on a different proxy server that happens to work.

There was a problem with the manual server; they’ve restored a backup for now (so a few pieces of information might be slightly out of date).

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Or resort to the offline manual…


Idea of separate Pdf manuals explaining each modules in a detailed way can also be considered into account.

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