OPC-UA alert and history

I would like use ignition OPC-UA server with 3 party OPC client. Is possible configure and use OPC-UA alarms and history features without using vision panel module?

I’m new Ignition user, and I have seen that when I configure a new project, I can make SQLTags from OPC tags, and then configure alarm and history settings to use with vision panel. But if I want use only the OPC-UA server, i shouldn’t use projects, right?

Unfortunately, the alarming and history on tags is only for the SQL Bridge and Vision modules. You cannot use those features with our stand alone OPC-UA server.

Right. The Ignition OPC-UA server currently does not implement the alarming and history profiles.

@Kevin.Herron and @Travis.Cox - is it still true that the Ignition OPC UA server does not expose the history of tags that are configured to be historicized in Ignition’s relational database? If so, what options exist for accessing Ignition’s historicized data from outside of Ignition (i.e., from third-party clients/software) other than querying the relational database directly? Thanks!

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P.S.: @Colby.Clegg - I also saw you mention the possibility of adding history support for the Ignition OPC UA server in another thread from many years ago (SQLTags External Providers Documentation). Perhaps you could help answer my above question as well? Thanks!

Nothing has changed, querying the DB is still the only means of accessing history from other applications.

edit: or you could get creative and roll your own web API using the Web Services module and the queryTagHistory functions… but this is probably much slower than querying directly.

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You can serve Ignition realtime tags and historical db as JSON and consume it with ReactJS, Python and so on.