Open several pop up at the same time

How can I open several pop up on the screen?
I have two buttons that each open a different pop up. But when one of the pop up is open, I can’t open the other one by clicking on the second button.
I work in Perspective with ignition 8.1.7

They need to have unique identifiers

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Works fine for me. As long as the popups aren’t modals, and have different identifiers.

Side note: May I suggest the use of onActionPerformed instead of onClick ?

The reason being the onActionPerformed event is affected by the button’s enabled prop and onClick isn’t

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Thank you for your reply, a bad copy/paste actually made them have the same identifiers

Thank you for your advice

You’re welcome. Here’s another one: You can give your popups ‘human readable’ identifiers, so that it’s easy for you to know which one you interact with. This is absolutely not necessary in the case of simple/basic popups, but it makes things much easier when you start having multiple popups, or if you want to interact with them programmatically.
For example calling system.perspective.closePopup('warning_popup') is easier and more understandable than system.perspectiove.closePopup('dj12hRA90lPn6')


Yes, I did that. Thank you again

In my testing this isn’t the case. What have you noticed that makes you say this?

Events like mouse enter are different though.

Hmm, maybe this only applies to vision?

@nminchin, here’s an onClick event. The button doesn’t accept clicks when disabled.

Button disabled event

It behaves in the same way when the increment code is moved to the onActionPerformed event.

You must have been thinking of Vision.

Yep makes sense, the disabled CSS selector takes out all user interaction events

disabled is not css, but a html attribute.

Altho there are also ways to use css to prevent user clicks (pointer-events:none)
This would not work when using tab and enter