Parameter passing for UDT Ignition 8

I am using Ignition 8.03 and trying to create a UDT with parameters to populate OPC Item Path and server Name.
I did create the UDT DataType automatically by dragging it from the opc browser, then exported the datatype and added the parameters with notepad++ (using search and replace), but when importing the datatype to ignition it does not seem to recognize the parameters correctly ( the text is black instead of gray), but when deleting the parameters and entering them manually, the parameters are recognized (text switches to gray). is there a fix for this issue.

Hi Mohamad,

This isn’t a problem that we’re aware of and I haven’t been able to reproduce it on 8.0.3 or the latest nightly. As a quick check, make sure you’re not leaving out any brackets during the search and replace. Are you exporting as json or xml? If you want to attach the problematic tag file, I can take a closer look.



Hi Alex you find the exorted json datatype file and the modified (_mod) with the parameters replaced, thanksP_AIN_o.json (33.6 KB)
P_AIN_o_mod.json (35.6 KB)


The tag props which are to be parameter bindings on import must be modified to include "bindType": "parameter" as part of its object, otherwise it’ll be treated as a value when the modified json is imported. Depending on the complexity of the parameter bindings you’d like to replace, you may find it easier to export the UDT as xml instead, in which case boundValueType="parameter" would be added to the relevant tag props. I’ve attached a modified xml of your original tag file in which I’ve done just that.

P_AIN_o_mod.xml (66.1 KB)

It is working! thanks Alex.

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I’m not sure if it’s an Ignition Designer version issue (I have 8.0.2), but if I edit a UDT element with the parameters, export and immediately re-import it fails to import the element with the parameters. The format of the XML is

It looks different than the XML file you created.

@dwoo That’s an XML import bug that was previously identified and has since been fixed in 8.0.3.