Perspective Alarm Status Table Ack Note

If an alarm is set that ack notes is required, then the user must enter a note to acknowledge. However, is there a way to optionally enter a note regardless if this is set or not? I see that system.alarm.acknowledge can enter a note, but I didn't see a way for the table to optionally do a note.

Is there a way that I'm overlooking using the native alarm status table without creating a custom solution?

You can make your own acknowledgement interface, and use system.alarm.acknowledge to acknowledge the alarms. If you have a text field for optional notes, you can pass them in with the event ID, and they will be added even if the notes are not required by the tag:
system.alarm.acknowledge(eventID, notes)

Thanks, updated my original post to be more clear. The question was meant to be asked for the native component, not a custom solution.

We really need a third choice on the tag: Required, Optional, or None. As I understand it, required prompts for notes and forces them. The other choice doesn't show the prompt.

I don't think the tag configuration should change, but the table should allow for a note to be entered when acknowledging. I don't see a way for the table to allow a note unless the tag is configured to require it. However, I can force a note through the system function, so the mechanism is there, seems the native table just doesn't have the option... unless I'm missing it.

You're not missing it; it simply isn't there. With Vision, I developed a way to force the table to do it with scripting, but it's probably not something I would attempt in Perspective.