Perspective - Bidirectional as props


Is there a way or is it possible to kind of put the “bi-directional” property outside as a props?

What I’m trying to do is, when the user clicks on the multi-state button it will show a popup window that i’ve created, kind of similar to a confirmation popup on vision. And then when that user selects on “Yes” it will change the bidirectional property/props as true and so that will allow the changes to write on the tag.

Would that be possible? I’m just trying to brainstorm here lol, but any suggestion on what the best way to do on what I’m trying to achieve would be appreciated as well. Thank you!

I think it might be time to get comfortable with message handlers. You can use them to send a message and trigger a script in another view. See
and the video lesson at

There is some good conversation on a similar topic here:

The other thing you can do is make a popup that accepts a tag path and a value to write, then if the user clicks yes it will write the value to the tag. I’d create a library function to call the popo and pass your pat and value to it to standardise it.
Unless you want to do more than just write to a tag, a message handler in this instance is a bit overkill imo, and takes slightly more work to implement, especially if you want to keep reusing the same confirmation popup for other things as well. it becomes less of a template and more of a manual process to follow

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Wouldn’t every client write to that tag with (slight) possibility of interference between clients? This could be a bigger problem if you had a confirmation dialog open for a while and I’m confirming some other operation that uses the same tag. I would then trigger your action.

Not sure what you mean? Each button that calls the confirmation popup would pass in the relevant tag path, so unless two clients were pressing the same button, the tag path will be different. And even if two clients call same button, that’s no different to two clients changing the same setpoint

Ah, I misread your concept. I thought you were suggesting a memory tag that might change from 0 (nothing selected) to 1 (no) or 2 (yes). I see what you are suggesting and it should work nicely.