Perspective custom themes on docker

What is the best way of using custom Perspective theme files when running Ignition on docker?

is it even possible to have another way than changing the theme.css files?

The recommendation would probably be to mount your theme(s) directly into the appropriate location in the data directory, which is is something like data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/themes/.

A nice feature would be the possibility to edit the themes from the designer. Change default fonts, adjust colors etc. Any chance this will be possible in the future?

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yes thats why im using css injection sometimes, also not ideal but i like to keep it all in one place xd

ive explained it a bit here.(and in some other posts linked to it) You can easily add some small stuff like this but you cant see the default theme like that xd and adding to much in one style is very clunky xd

So id you do change the default fonts and colors i would use the theme.css

It is unlikely we’ll add the ability to edit themes directly in the designer. For one thing, they’re a ‘global’ resource, and the designer’s editing model is much more aligned with a single project.
I actually filed a ticket a while back for an ‘advanced’ resource that would act as an intermediate between themes and style classes - a single project-specific ‘stylesheet’ that we’d inject into the page, and that could be configured (as plain CSS) in the designer.

I don’t have any idea whether that feature request will be accepted, or a timeline if it is, but that’s probably the closest thing to what you’re looking for.