Perspective dropdown - disable text entry

Why is there no property to disable text entry on a Perspective dropdown?
Similar to the Editable property in the Vision text components.
Surely non-editable dropdowns are more widely used than dropdowns that need the user to type text.

I’ve tried adding the cursor: pointer style to both the dropdown style and dropdownOptionStyle to try “hack” around it.
But it still shows the cursor: text when hovering over the text element of the dropdown.

Sorry i can’t seem to get a screenshot of this behavior, the pointer seems to disappear during screen capture.

It’s in the documentation:
Perspective - Dropdown - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (


Thats not the same thing. I’ve already got that property disabled.
There is a subtle difference to what i’m asking.
That will prevent the user being able to add their own options, but i want to get rid of the “text” cursor type when hovering over the dropdown component.
It is implying that you can type something, when you actually shouldn’t be able to.

Have you tried setting your to False?


Try : pointer.

Dropdown cursor

This works on 8.1.18.

Set to “default” for the standard “arrow” cursor (which isn’t listed in the documentation). I’ve put in a request to to add it into the docs.

The full list is available on cursor - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN.

Hi Transistor,

I’ve already set those styles in my initial post.

Looks like the cursor reverts to the “text” one, but only in specific areas of the dropdown:

This is the answer…

Sorry missed that post over the weekend…

That did indeed fix it. Cheers.

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