Perspective graphic outline color darker than fill

I already mentioned filter earlier

but it’s not a function that you can use with stroke: filter()

yeah the stroke color does not know about the fill color.
Also the svg stroke is different than the html border
you could create something with an opacity which would overlay on the fill. but that will require you to edit the svg as svg’s filters work different than just adding some css.

in this post the soloution, you could make the red invisible and the blue a transaparent grey, which would result in a darker “inside” border. but this requires you to make some changes to the svg. you need to add the svg def filters

Edit actually… you might get away with just creating the svg filter def as a seperate component and add it with css and the id tag…Not sure if perspective can do this though. ill check this out a bit later.

Sooo it is possible to make a seperate svg and use the filter:url(#id) … but perspective does not seem to support this kind of svg’s :frowning:
so you will have to use the webdev module to import the svg def or create a module…

Exactly the kind of thing that having JavaScript available for perspective would be super useful for.