Perspective Motor

I tried this example but I can’t fill the image with any color.
do I need to add something else?

Hi @OscarJ
With witch version are you developping ?
In 8.1.11 it's working for me. Make sure to set the state to default

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I develop on 8.1.5, maybe it will only work on new updates.
Thank you

I've a customer running with the same version and not issues with the perspective symbol.

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I Restart my designer and now if it works, I guess it was some visual error.

Im also having this issue with changing the default color. version 8.1.22

Hi @shaunstewart,

I would try to restart your gateway see if this change anything.
If not try to reinstall ignition or even upgrade to the latest version.

On my maker edition in 8.1.23 it works perfectly


upgrading to 8.1.24 fixed it

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There was an issue in 8.1.22 which was resolved in 8.1.23: Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2022 - #171 by sreis