Perspective: Navigation View set to cover but pushing header


I have a header and navigation view configured for north and west respectively, with the nav set to onDemand and Cover:

However this is what it does:

It covers the main View, but pushes the header. Have I set something up wrong?

Docked Views will always push Docked Views; the cover/push setting only applies to the primary View. You could modify the Corner Priority for the Project, so that the Header will always span the full top of the screen, and then below the header the navigation View will cover the main View.

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That’s better :slight_smile: Thanks!


Actually, how do I make it hide when the user taps outside of the menu? I tried using the onMouseOut and Exited, but I had to click on the menu View first and then on another View for it to close. Maybe I should create a new topic…


onBlur doesn’t seem to work either. Should the event be on the root?

What you’re actually looking for is the modal setting for the Docked View (you can see it in the original screenshot - Modal?). There’s an open issue regarding Docked View Modal functionality (13632) which results in the modal setting only working if the Docked View is opened via its handle.

Thanks, looks like I’ll have to add a close button for now which isn’t an issue. I don’t like using handles out of principal (I personally despise those things that follow you on some websites. They’re usually for useless things (for the majority of users) like feedback buttons and social media share buttons, and I refuse to use any in my work either haha :sweat_smile:)