Perspective numeric entry field not taking value

Hello - I just upgraded our system to the latest version of Ignition and am now noticing a big problem:

In perspective I have views with numeric entry fields that do not accept values when run on a mobile application like an iphone. If I access the exact same perspective project via web browser I can enter numbers just fine.

To simplify things I even dragged and dropped an un-binded numeric entry field to my views and still have the same issue described above. Dragging and dropping a text entry field (which I don’t need) also has the same issue. In all cases the component is enabled and does not look greyed out or anything.

One thing that does seem related to this is that the views having this issue are opened as popups via scripting from a main view. The main view does NOT have this issue. Is it possible there is some permission or something I need to (re)enable here when jumping to the popup??

Again I need to reiterate that the issue is only seen when trying to enter values via cell phone - Using a web browser I can click on the numeric entry field and input a value just fine. Thanks!

This is a long-standing issue which was just resolved as part of 8.1.3 (sort of). Please read up on it here: [Bug-13304]Dragging popup prevents text area input on tablet

Try resizing the popup so it fits within the screen.

Thank you! That was exactly the issue. I was doubting my sanity for a while so I really appreciate this!