Perspective Project URL redirect

I like the idea where the URL of the project remains the same, but the project link to the URL can be change.

The reason is, when I version up the project, instead of using different URL, I will use the same URL. Also this way, I can point to stable version of project if the latest version encountered a problem.

I came up with a solution, I use two projects, the first project only have home page, at page load, it will redirect to another project.

I am all ears for another solution.

So it’s not dynamic and the actual project the client accesses is determined by you in the designer ?
I don’t see the need for several projects to do this.
Where/how are stored the previous versions ?

This sounds like a case for version control, did you try git ?
You could tag versions and revert back to a specific one.


Beware, if you keep multiple functional versions of a project on a production gateway, they will all run their gateway events. This is likely to be undesirable.

You really should be using separate gateways for development, QA, and production.

:+1: I see. What is the best practice to transfer project from one gateway to another?
Export->Import->change filenames?

Could you point me to more information on this?

  1. Enterprise admin module.

  2. Source code control (typically git) push from dev, pull in production.

  3. Export => Import ->change filenames


I think now, I am starting to appreciating item 1 and item 3 above.

For item 3, Export -> Import: Export from development server and Import to Production server.

Assume that everything is the same, db connection names, server name, tag provider name, are the same.
But only project name is different..
Development Project Name = Main Project v123
Production Project Name = Main Project

When doing export->import, is this fine or will cause an error?

As long as none of your scripting or logic depends on the exact project name you're probably OK.
Even in most of those places, you can usually use something like system.project.getProjectName()

Yes, thanks for reminding. :+1:

In line with having a development server..
I am working on multiple projects (Project A, Project B).
Instead of having multiple servers/computers.

Can I use virtualization software such as VMware, such that I can have multiple independent instance of ignition server in one computer. One for Project A, one for project B?

Does this makes sense?

Yes, and highly recommended. Docker containers are a lightweight way to do this, too.

(I never install Ignition directly in my laptop. Only in VMs. VMs are tailored to match my client systems.)

I am new to using VM software.
Can you suggest which VM works well for Ignition Development?

I use Linux as my bare metal workstation OS, and its native KVM as the hypervisor. With libvirtd, virt-manager, and virt-viewer management and front-end packages.

VM-Ware (Pro) is easy to use so would be a good starting point for a new to VM user. It has a cost.

I'd use docker for this. VMs are a good way to match prod environment, but for local development I'd go for docker - it's lighter, faster, simpler to run.
I move to a VM only when necessary.


Since 4 years ago.
I have two standalone PC, at home.
One windows Pro, One Ubuntu. both using i5-8500 CPU with 16 RAM(expandable).
(I have my main laptop which I connect to these 2 PC.)
These, for me to play with.
Looking at CPU performance, both are less than 10%.

Now I've got real projects, would like to have a clean environment for these projects.

I can tinker, i can write commands, but I am no IT or administrator.

Is there setup and forget kind of implementation. Where I can divide each station above to multiple VM. And will not give me headache for the next 5 years.

I will only install ignition gateway, and databases.

Any suggestions for any hypervisor, VM, you think I can manage?

I also see I can buy tiny pcs for $100. But really where's the fun.
(also cheaper if I use Ubuntu OS on VMs??)

Those projects you're speaking of, are they for you or are they professional projects that will be deployed on a customer's environment ?

professional project that will be deployed on customer 's environment