Perspective Screenshot Capture

We recently added the ability to capture screenshots of various scopes of a Page: component, view, and page. This can be configured via Actions or scripting, and is available in the 8.1.29 Nightly build.


I thought I saw this in the release logs, but everyone saying it can't be done made me second-guess myself...

Unless you wrote a module. Or IA built it into their platform. Because it requires javascript in the browser.

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Do you know if there are any plans to expand upon this to actually return the byte array of the screenshot of the component / view / page?

I think a lot of people (myself included) want to do something with that screenshot... not print it to the users default printer.

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Printing it is "easy" - web browsers already support it.
Rendering it into a byte array that can be used in scripting is way, way harder. It requires some kind of library to render the data and then we'd have to pass it back to the backend. I think there's some incubating browser APIs that would help, but we can't really use any of that yet because they're not supported across all our platforms.



It`s worked to me! Thank you very much!!!


Does Request Print Action allow users to get the underlying bindings so people can review how a query works without needing me?

Or doesn't it allow for printing the binding portions?

Requesting print prints exactly what is visible on the screen. Nothing about how the view works internally, which is all happening on the gateway anyways. It's basically a shortcut to a feature browsers have natively.


Hi! Is it just me or the Request Print / Perspective Screenshot Capture feature does not work inside the Ignition Perspective App in an Android tablet (haven't tried this feature in ios)? It only works in a tablet when I open the perspective app through google chrome.

Looks like this hasn't been implemented yet in the iOS and Android mobile apps. We're tracking this internally and I've added your comment to the ticket.