Perspective SVG Text will not change color

Created a control dial for a popup in Adobe Illustrator. Exported to SVG. Embed the image into a view and looks great. Problem is, I can not change to color of the text objects. I can change the font, size, bold but not the color. I have tried to make it a fixed change as shown in the screen shot, and tried to use a binding. Color always stays black. Does anyone have any insight on why this is happening? Any assistance greatly appreciated. The screen shot shows the settings for element 17, which is the "Start" text object.
SVG Text Issue

Because it is an SVG, it isn't a "font" in the traditional since, but rather a rendering of a font. So, you have to provide a fill paint in the element.

Here is a silly, never to be used in a real setting example that illustrates what is needed.

Basically, add an object to the #17 element, and name it fill, add a paint key to that object and set the paint's value to the color that you want. A binding will work as well, or other advanced things that don't really fit into the SCADA world.

Your element would have a structure like this:

    type: text
    transform: matrix(1 0 0 1 412.8225 65.94)
        paint: #FF8C00
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