Perspective table component - Unable to edit cell data in table

I drag and dropped the new table component in the perspective view. As data [0] has first cell editable but when I try to edit this cell on the run mode by clicking on the cell and change the value the value doesn’t changes. What might be the issue?

Try adding an onEditCellCommit event script to the table:

valueToSet = event.value[event.row]['value'][event.column] = valueToSet

This seems to be related to your other question, How to add data in table through textfield component in Perspective?, which you haven’t updated with the requested information. You’re going to run into the same problem with this approach.

  1. Define your workflow.
  2. Decide where the edited data is going to reside. (As explained, it’s usually in a database.)
  3. Update the data in the storage.
  4. Refresh the binding on the table.

Don’t just do scatter-gun approach to your project.