Perspective Table Pager Binding Not Updating on Load

The Setup

Ignition v8.1.27 (b2023042509)
Browsers tested: Firefox, Edge, Chrome

URL Params

I've created a table page autoplayer using a binding to a slider component, and I'm driving the number of rows on each page from a view parameter, which I specify as a url argument. This is a main view with no docked views.



I have 3 bindings on the table.props.pager properties.


options is based on the initialOption binding:

initialOption is set to the url param rowsPerPage:


activePage is bound to the slider to control the page number:


The Problem

The issue is that when I first load the page, the pagination settings don't apply the way I'd expect them to. All the rows are rendering on the same page, creating a scrollbar I don't want. The pagination is just broken, as if the pager is disabled.

Refreshing the screen fixes this issue, and I get the right number of rows per page and the slider is able to drive the pagination automatically.

The Questions

I'd like to understand the update cycle for bindings like these to make this behavior make more sense to me.

  1. Why does this issue happen in the first place?
  2. Why does refreshing the tab fix this issue?
  3. Is this a bug?
  4. What can I do to avoid this issue and ensure the page loads the same every time?

I see the same thing with the pager not respecting bindings like this, super annoying for views that can be on different screen sizes and you don't want scroll bars.