Perspective Table scripting to force array

Hi folks

I’ve got a button that writes to a dataset tag that is then used to populate a table by converting the dataset to a dictionary as described here: PyDataset to Dictionary
The tag binding is on, and is bound to the custom data.
At the moment, the dictionary is formatted as an object of objects. I need it to be an array of objects and can’t for the life of me work out how to convert/ force it to be through the bindings.

I can do it using the ‘change to array’ dropdown option, but I need it to be part of one or other of the bindings…


Can you post the JSON here using the </> button for code formatting?
If it’s really long then select it all, hit the gear icon and Hide Details and you’ll get a cool expandable section in your post.

I actually managed this by using the my_dictionary.values() as the return, instead of just my-dictionary.
So we’re all good!
Thanks for the reply though @Transistor

@JordanCClark actually answered your question on the other thread.


Ah! Thanks. I didn’t get a notification for that one for some reason!