Perspective XY Chart causes javascript endless allocation, race condition?

I have an XY Chart that’s attached to a couple of date pickers, and using them, reads out of the database. There’s a bit of script to convert the data into what I need charted. There’s a total of about 2,000 points on the graph across 8 lines; instant to access, but a little slow to draw.

It all works great the first couple of times a date is picked, but do it too quickly (like move the month ahead and immediately click a different day) and the tab halts while memory starts nonstop increasing (I let it go over 3GB before killing it once), and even Firefox’s “A tab is slowing your browser down” Stop button does nothing to stop the allocation.

I managed to kill the designer that way, too, when I went back and tried to quickly mess with the datepicker. I got a message that a Chromium window had stopped working, my Perspective screens were blacked out, completely blank error popups galore, including while saving a copy of the project (but fortunately, the copy seems to have saved 100% OK).

I can upload a copy of the project and database if necessary.

Hi silverbacknet,

Thank you for reporting this. I have been able to replicate the same type of behavior that you are seeing with the memory increase when data changes in an XYChart. A bug has been filed. We appreciate you helping us find this issue.


Did any changes / improvements to these XY memory bugs ever get added into any of the newer nightly builds?

I’ve been struggling with the XY chart too.
[XY Chart help, series disappear]

I can only have my perspective view open for a couple minutes before it crashes and the webpage needs to be refreshed.

I really need a resolution to this before we go live.

In investigating this issue, we have determined that it is a bug in the library we are using for charting. This, as well as difficulty in configuring the component, has made us come to the conclusion that replacing the library used for the XY Chart is in everyone’s best interest in the long term. This isn’t a simple change and will take a little bit of time, but it is something we are aggressively working on. We appreciate your patience.



I think you made the right call on this. I’m glad you went this route. Ultimately, we will have a much better control in the long run once it’s done.

It is better to have a good control eventually than a kludgey control quickly.

Any update?