Poor Gateway Performance

I get these kinds of overlays. I think this is OPC waiting. But when I open a OPC quick client, I see that the data is updating. So seems to me that this is only in the gateway/client direction.

Also, I would expect like 900 tag subscription on the client. I only receive 132 tags at this time.

Have you called support?

I’ve called support but haven’t spoken to them (time difference and stuff). I’ll call back on monday. But my collegeau was working on it for quite some time now. I’m trying to help him out.
During the delays, I also noticed this:

First time that I see this happening

You never did answer my question about the hypervisor configuration. ):

Hi Pturmel,

Looks like i’ve forgotten that indeed.
Our server has got 20 CPU’s. 8 of them are for the Ignition gateway. 4 of them are for the database.
The consumed cpu of the ignition gateway is mainly about 15%. In some cases there is a spike up to 50%. So I wouldn’t say this problem is related to the hardware configuration?
I have a feeling that it has something to do with the OPC UA connections. But we can not figure it out. Any ways to test this correct?


But then again, when I connect with the OPC quick client, the data is updated normally. Not on the clients though.
Also, in the Ignition designer, the data is also not coming in as it should. Seems like these two are connected (the designer and the vision clients). When one lags, they all lag. When one works, they all work

Thomas - Did you get this resolved. If so, can you share the fixes?

Hi dtompkins,

No solution has been found so far. We are still working on it.
I’ll keep you posted.

We have encountered similar problems in our project. We hope that we can continue to have in-depth discussions in this regard and give solutions,

The problem has been solved with a update of the Ignition gateway.
This was still in development, so I am not sure if it is included in the latest version already.