Power Table Cell Dropdown

Hello All,

I am trying to make a power table with a drop down for entries of a certain column.

On the configureEditor extension function i have out the following:

	if colName == 'name':
		lineName = self.LineName
		tagPath = lineName + "/" + lineName + "/Cells"
		cells = system.tag.read(tagPath).value
		cellList = []
		for row in range(cells.rowCount):
			cellName = cells.getValueAt(row,"Cell")
		return {'options': cellList}

This gives me my desired options in drop down form but the value of the table doesn’t change when i select a new value from the drop down. I made sure that i made the column editable in the table configurations but it doesn’t work. any suggestions?

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Have you enabled the onCellEdited Extension Function? The configureEditor Extension Function only modifies how you edit cells, you would need onCellEdited to actually apply the new value from the dropdown.

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Perfect. Turned that on and uncommentated the example at it works. Thank you for the quick reply.

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I have a Power Table populated with a manually created dataset. A cell dropdown function is in place by means of configureEditor extension. Using a great example posted by PGriffith at: Force configure cell update in power table

My problem is drop down function stops working when trying to populate Power Table from a DB source.
I tried using property bindings from different sql queries without succes.
Any hint?

Check out the following topic.
If you scroll down to the solution you will see two examples of Cell Dropdowns.
The second example sounds like what you are looking for.
Good Luck.