Power table OnCellEdit update tag with user input

I’m trying to use a Power table that allows for user input for set points.

Currently I have the tag in the Cell Update Cell Bindings which displays the current tag value in the cell.

I would like the operator to be able to click on the cell type in the new value and have it update the tag value similar to the bi-directional feature found on other components.

I have search this forum read through each post. I am admittedly weak with scripting. I have tried various scripts I have found on here but have gotten nothing to work.

Does anyone have a code snippet I could use to work from in implementing this?


Write this script on onCellEdited extension:

self.data = system.dataset.setValue(self.data, rowIndex, colIndex, newValue.value)


This solution worked for me, I went with the hidden column approach. To anyone that comes across this later I used a hidden column as a string and wrote in the tag path and followed this code snippet

I was writing the tag path wrong here is a page from induction for reference to anyone who searches this topic in the future.


Thank everyone