Print Label w/o User Print Dialog

Hi all. First time poster here. I’ve been working on a project trying to print a barcoding label by putting the label layout in a container and then printing that container using ‘system.print.createPrintJob’ as is in the ignition documentation. This works great when I allow the print dialog; the default settings in there make the label come out perfectly. Once I try to remove the print dialog I just get blank labels. I’ve played with the margins and the page height and width and can’t get even a single dot to show up on the label. Thanks in advance!

P.S. the printer is an Intermec PM43 if that makes any difference.

Looks like you can use ZPL with that printer, my suggestion would be to generate a ZPL string instead. Head over to Labelary Online ZPL Viewer and you can see an example.

See this post as using to send it to the printer.

The printer may or may not accept a print with this command, Zerbra branded printers work great, but I've have printers that emulate ZPL not work with this script, but I was able to use the TCP/UDP driver to connect and send the ZPL through that instead.

Thanks for the reply! I’d really like to stick with the built in IG functions if possible. Neither I, nor anybody I work with is very familiar with printing protocols like ZPL, but I’ll keep that in mind if I can’t get the stock functions to work.