Project screenshots - share yours

Thanks to everybody for your nice words, we care the design but not only that. The use is something that we really care, like if you put the mouse over an item, the system will you additional information and if you click over it will open the full information window, you can go to to the different parts of the systems through different ways, … We are still improving the system to made it better and better.

Duffanator I’m agree with you, one of the best thing of Ignition is this forum and the people that are there always trying to help you.

Happy new year to everybody!


Is that Ebbsfleet/Richbourgh? if so I live just 2 miles away.



Is that Ebbsfleet/Richbourgh? if so I live just 2 miles away.


No, this PV Plant is in the south of France. In fact, there are two plants, this pictures is about the little one.

Where in France ?

Here is a part of a plant in Italy

Energy metering project in progress.


Single meter detail

Construction of the power factor meter was interesting. I drew the voltage vectors, the inductor (beziers) and capacitor. The current vectors are done using the ‘meter’ display and hiding most of its (rather ugly) features. Set the Value property to an Expression Tag to calculate the angle. In my case it was:

acos({Nifty PF vector instrument.PF1})

etc. Note that this returns radians so I just set the limits and colour changes in radians as shown below. (Convert to degrees if you wish.)

The one very useful enabling feature was the ability to rotate the whole meter. I have them on top of each other at 0°, 120° and 240°.


Here is a screen for op to interact with specific machines. Op has the ability to select which machines are visible to him, based on sql data. One table keeps track of machines in his layout (by username) and another has a full list of machines.


I thought I had put this one up-- but I didn’t. Visitor signage in our front lobby…

Just saw this thread…here are some, probably 50 or so more…


Production line Detergents. OEE …


If only i could steal this :slight_smile:

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Here is mine. Mobile Pump Station.
tag: 700
history: 102 tags
Window: 12


This is a very good Idea, it helps inspire me to work harder at designing.
(P.S. and everybody has done a great job!)



Wow, that looks great. Looks like it took alot of time to build. Very clean looking.

If you are going to ICC you should definitely enter your project in the gallery.

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Thanks. I should thanks for people in this forum who help me to create it and guide me.
I see create postential in perspective module if IA decide to develop CCS3 animation in it. everyone can create marvelous effect and animation that mind blowing.
Let’s hope they will do it in future so every one can create morden HMI easily.

Very impressive Nader! Extremely clean interface and a delight to look at. My only comment is that it’s difficult to know which page you’re actually on, as the nav buttons don’t highlight the page shown.

Any chance you could share what the main fonts you’re using are?

Thanks for the share, and as others have said, definitely one to send in to ICC!

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Thank you Nick. You are right I should add it to nav button.
I use TitilliumWeb font.
TitilliumWeb-Black.rar (250.6 KB)

I should warn you that Ignition doesn’t support embedding font on client so you have to install font on every client. This is specially hard for mobile phone for perspective.
Hope IA add this feature soon.


Very impressive! How did you accomplish the drag animation on the bar chart? here -->


Thank you.
The bar chart doesn’t have this feature so I create some rectangle and bind the height of them to tag
Then I simply get event.y of mouseDragged and scale it to height size of rectangle in real-time.
I put mouseDragged event on text component on top of the rectangle.


The map component you used, is that using the 3rd-party module from Kymera? I’m looking to do something similar for a customer.