Project screenshots - share yours

The map component you used, is that using the 3rd-party module from Kymera? I’m looking to do something similar for a customer.

Yes it’s from kymera. I’m using template data on it.


Good Day Nader,
Are you able to share how you get your windows to slide in when a button is pressed, for example when you press the button to display pump efficiency and also when you display the trends for the pump. This looks really nice.

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Sure, in button script I use system.gui.transform and put new x,y position for any component I like. I set duration to 700ms to look they move.

Perspective Project WIP for Machine Shop


Iodine Production Plant with Vision:
I try to combine High Performance HMI with modern UI.
Still working on …


That’s amazing!!!

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Brilliant as always Nader. Again, you should definitely submit one of you projects for an ICC one year, if you haven’t already. Your work is top notch.


Nader, great work. I have to ask…How did you get the Parameter Settings popup to slide in/out when you click on any of the sparkline graphs?

Nevermind…I should have read all the comments. system.gui.transform.

Definitely something to try to achieve for my next project. Thanks Nader.

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You just group all component and then try use system.gui.transfrom in propertychange of the group to see if sensor property change or not to move popup.
By the way it’s not popup it’s template. That’s the trick. Using template you can have control on coordinate in different resolution.
For perspective you could simply use css3 to do that for you.

Hi Nadir, it very clean awsome . i hope to share to create some tips in videos and share in linkedin .

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Like this idea, I am new, but Thought I would share a simple machine we are doing.

One of the many pop up’s

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Great job!

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My first try with Ignition Perspective module in Raspberry PI 3 B+ with only 1GB RAM.
Raspberry PI run RaspAP and acts as WiFi access point to read all sensors by MQTT sparkplug.
All sensors equip with ESP-8266 to handle MQTT and WiFi connection. Ignition acts as MQTT broker & client, Historian (PostgreSQL), HTML5 HMI server.
I use node red to get CPU, memory, … info of RPi and send those to Ignition via OPC UA.

Software packages:

  • Ignition Perspective + Tag historian
  • RaspAP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node Red


  • 25% Average CPU usage
  • 800 MB RAM usage

All I can say the perspective is amazing.


That is amazing, great work!

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WOW! Work of art!!

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How did you make those spinning “buttons”?

Can you show me the screen shoot of these spinning button in my video? I don’t get what you mean.

Like at the 5 second marker in your video. when you hoover your mouse over your house. The values kind of appear in a spinning fashion.

Oh Ok, I use transition css3 command on them for both rotate and size.
What I know until know if you know web development you can do any thing in prospective.
This is why i start to learn css3 and js.