Push Notifications

Hi @Brian_Carpenter,

Nothing really special. You need a notification service; i use pushover.net but you may use anyone like signals/twilio.
You create device(s) that will receive the notification, in the notification service backend.
Then, you install the app on your device. And in your ignition project, just create a script like this one (for pushover):

#notify mobile using Pushover service
url = "https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json"
contentType = "application/json"
brutData = {
	"token": "Blah blah",
	"user": "Blah blah",
	"device": "gng-ipx",
	"title": "Ignition",
	"message": "Notification service is live!"}
postData = jsonString = system.util.jsonEncode(brutData)
result = system.net.httpPost(url, contentType, postData)

Token, user, device are coming from the notification backend service.

Hope this help.

i am very new to ignition. does this script go in the webdev section?

Sorry for the delay… this script is just regular gateway script. You can then call it from where you need it.