Query Tag display while open the window

Hi, I am using ignition 8.0.0, I have built a template and bind some labels with query tag, every time I open the window , the query tag label can’t display the value immediately, it will take some time to display the correct value, I doubt whether it’s querying from the database? But I have set the tag’s execute mode as Driven one-shot.

As the query tags I intend to use will not change at runtime, so I hope the tag shall display its value at once while I open the window instead of waiting some time, is it possible?

Sounds like this might be applicable to what you're seeing.

Thank you, it solves my promble. But the promble seemed not be fixed in 8.0.2 as PGriffith said it’s probbly going to be fixed in 8.0.2. @PGriffith

The relevant update to the code hasn’t been made, because it hasn’t gotten through QA yet. At this point, it will not be in 8.0.2, and may not make 8.0.3.