[Question] Launcher Install?

I have been downloading the nightly builds and re-installing each morning on my Ignition server. Should I also be re-installing the client launcher on my work station?

Under typical circumstances there is no need to download new launchers. You may want to during the beta if a changelog has changes to the launchers themselves that you’d like to have, but the launchers aren’t specific to a single version/release of ignition going forward.

Sounds good, Thanks Perry!

Are the changelogs published somewhere? I remember seeing one posted on this forum but haven’t seen any lately, but I don’t know if they’re usually posted somewhere else.

The ‘nightly’ builds haven’t quite been nightly, but we’re working on streamlining that process. This forum will still be the place to go for changelogs.

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They’ll be posted in here for now. Only a few have been posted so far (today’s changes are found in this changelog post. Publishing nightlies is a little new for us so we’re still figuring out a good process for some aspects of it, but you should start seeing more consistent release notes thanks to some automation @PGriffith got going for us.

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