Read, write Tag values

The "Yes" button, should do this:

self.view.params.output = True

But I don't think it does, while it is embedded. The params.output does change when I preview this view not embedded.

Start with just getting the output to change first. Then we'll worry about showing/hiding with the submit button.

Make sure your parameters are set up correctly on your embedded view to get the output to change, rather than send a message.

If this is the yes button script

def runAction(self, event):
	if self.view.params.popup:
		system.perspective.sendMessage("Confirm", payload = {"payloadID":self.view.params.payload_id, "confirm":True})
		self.view.params.output = True		

We need to make sure the popup parameter is false on the embedded view, otherwise you'll just be sending a message instead of changing the output.

Second, we need to make sure the parameter is type Input/Output. Right click the parameter in your confirm view and select the Input/Output option from the Input/Output menu.

That's what got me! I even copied objects into text to view the JSON, looking for anything.

Sometimes, it's the little things that get you. I'm pretty sure those little in/out arrows weren't there a couple of months when I began learning Ignition/Perspective...

I'm going to mark this as solved. Thanks to all for your feedback and training!

Then you should mark @amarks 's answer as the solution, not your own reply.


Yeah, sorry about that!

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