Redundancy in beta?

As of now I have 2 pairs of servers with little to no traffic, Runtime Updates Queue and Config Updates Queue show almost no traffic. These are not in production, so there is little to no traffic usage. For both pairs, the backup will always show sync status as “OutOfDate”.

On the backup server if I request failover, it will show it as active, but so will the Master. And the backup, while status is active, will still show sync as “OutOfDate”. If I setup 2x servers on my workstation in VMWare, or on our ESX server at the office, or even at the data center in a separate vlan I will have no issues with redundancy, it works as expected. Since beta, any servers setup on our production subnet with existing 7.9.6 running the redundancy will not work. Problem is this prevents us from migrating to distributed servers & v8.

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Hello all,

As I encounter quite de same problem, I was wandering if this problem has been fixed.
When a failover is requested (or the master set offline), the backup node logs read that the Activity level to Active (Project Status = Good) then, 1 sec later, to Active (Project Status = OutOfDate).

On connected clients, views stay red, unless swapped to another.


I am using Ignition v 8.0.5 and I am facing an issue with setting up redundancy between the servers.

I walked through all the video tutorials and the documentation.

The primary server shows on the status page Sync : Good.

On the status page of the redundant server, I see a Sync: Unknown.

This is bizarre. None of the configurations of the primary server show up on the redundant server. I was expecting that all the configurations of the primary server would be in the redundant server once redundancy has been setup. But that is not the case.

How can this be fixed?