Release Timeline / End of Life Planning

Does Inductive Automation have a published Lifecycle / End of Life for Ignition versions?

The below images was created based on the release dates found at Archived Ignition Releases | Inductive Automation. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

LTS releases (7.7, 7.9, 8.1 when it’s available) are supported for 5 years from the first release.

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Is 8.1 tentatively planned for January 2020?

It should be sooner than that, sometime this year, but it’s not pinned down yet.

This would be nice, but you have to admit IA’s release practices have been trending the other way… /-:

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Hey, is v7.7 officially end-of-life now? I’m hoping to clean out some of my multi-version support hacks for the next releases of certain modules…

Support for 7.7 ended July 2019

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When is the planned end-of-life for v7.9? Is this still Dec 2021?

LTS 7.9 2023 as far as I know

Where @Kevin.Herron said above that LTS releases are supported for 5 years from the first release, I would assume @jkiffer is right about Dec 2021 unless something changed about the 5 year support window or the release date they show on 7.9.0 is wrong.

Where’d you hear this? It’s still 5 years (from Dec 2016) AFAIK, but it’s possible it changed and I didn’t hear about it.

The five-year life span looked pretty reasonable when LTS versions were a couple years apart, yielding a two to three year overlap. v8.1 will barely have a year’s overlap with v7.9 if you hold to that schedule. I think the end-of-life date should be picked based on the successor LTS release date.


I thought from my account exec, but I just asked him and he confirmed Dec '21… I sit corrected!


Can confirm, still Dec 2016.

I think this is a reasonable idea. The only issue here might be if we come out with the successor too quickly, it might make the LTS period too short. Perhaps we could find a way to word it like “X years after release of the next LTS version or 5 years, whichever is longer”

That said, I think if anything this would only be a change going forward (if we do this). I don’t see us lengthening the 7.9 LTS period retroactively.


I like this. Guaranteed lifespan plus known minimum overlap to do conversions.

Understood. I want to toss old java, too. /:

Would IA consider Microsoft-esque post support whereby users can pay an additional fee for extended support?

Maybe, this came up recently, but it wouldn’t happen for 7.9.