Remove Command Line from fullscreen client launcher; v7.9.2

I would like to remove the command line from the fullscreen client launcher I’m using for a touchscreen remote client. Below is the custom launch code:

scope=C project=WIMRP windowmode=fullscreen screen=0 show.closebutton=false

I don’t see anything in the manual to identify the addition or removal of the command line from the client launcher.

The command line drop down allows the users to select close and I don’t want that to be triggered when an operator is poking around. Screen shot of the command line is below:

Take a look here - Once you get the menu you can hide the command menu. Check out the link on that post for more on that.

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I’m hoping to remove the entire line (Command Windows & Help), it’s not necessary for my application. Isn’t there a way to simply not include this entire line during startup?

Select “Hide Menu Bar” in your Project Properties:


Excellent, thank you!