Retrieving Image from DB and inserting into perspective table

Hello, I am currently struggling with something.

  1. I have a database in MSSQL that has some images. They are currently stored as DataType:Image.
  2. I am binding a perspective table to a named query, this named query returns an image/images.
    However the table won’t display the image and I’ve googled around for a bit now. I’ve come across a forum: View Images from Database - #5 by jpark where they help you with a transform script.
  3. I’ve tried the transform script which is:b64Image = “data:imagef;base64,%s”%value return b64Image. It’ll convert the returned sql value into base64 string so that the perspective table can display it. But I can NOT get it to work. I’ve tried changing the Data Type from image to: nvarchar(max) and varbinary(max). I’ve converted the image straight into base64 with some programming magic, and the table still won’t be able to display the image. What Can I do to display a picture in my Perspective table from a database.

are you also doing this? (tho it might be a different funciton in mssql)

How many images are you planning to store here and show in a table. How often will the user change said image?
As it might be easier to store them in a file instead of a db. Which will also up the performace of the image loading

Thanks for the help. A little while ago, I managed to get this to work.