Root Container Error but no Message

I have a sql property binding error on my Root Container with no message.
I have gone through everything associated with the Root Container and i can not find it.
No errors while in Designer this (see below) only shows up on the client screen.


I have already converted all my queries to Names Queries.
What should I be looking for? My software is ver. 7.9.4

I figured this one out. My Named query was using a custom property that gets its value from the selected cell on a table component. My property binding was this -

try({Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, 1], 0)

When nothing was selected the 0 was throwing an error when no rows / cells were selected.
I changed it to a generic value and now it works

{Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, 1], 200)

Now I would like to learn how to include a “Fall Back” into Named Queries.
See this post -