Rotating objects in templates migrate off screen in designer?

Hi all,

Ignition 7.9

This isn’t my first time encountering this issue, and I’ve mostly shrugged it off, as it doesn’t seem to affect the client, but I finally decided to inquire.


  • Stack multiple rotating fans in a single template (controlled by the same timer)
  • Open designer window with version of template

Over the course of an hour or two, the fans will start to wobble in their rotation, eventually orbiting their axis, and finally disappearing from my screen entirely. Closing the window and reopening it seems to reset the animation. It is worth mentioning this template started life as a copy of the other template on screen with only one fan, which doesn’t experience the issue.

Again, this doesn’t affect my client as far as I have observed. See this video link for an example, and the attachment for the template export.

Supply_Fan_Template.proj (20.9 KB)

Is there anything I can do to avoid this behavior? Is it mostly harmless?
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, Phil.

I’ll have to a better job of my forum search next time - this one didn’t surface.


I have not seen this problem when using a style customizer to cause the rotation.

Super helpful - thank you for the tip. I’ll give it a shot (next time my rotating object has style customization)