S7-300 DB1 Communication Problem

Hi guys,

I was setting up a system where I’m using Ignition v7.8.3 and Siemens S7-300 CPU 315 TIA Portal v14.
I was able to successfully link my PLC tags (DB2, DB3…DB212) but I find it strange that there has been a ‘config error’ and I can’t have an access to all of the tags inside DB1. Already checked my configuration twice, tried to copy other tags to DB1 and still get the same result. It’s like every tag located in DB1 were inaccessible.

Thanks in advance!

With Siemens & TIA portal this is essential:
Have you checked this?

Also, can you show how you’ve configured tags for DB’s?

Hello zxclso,

Yup I have checked my CPU and DB properties and no protections were activated. I am also using a S7 300 CPU, I can’t seem to find the “Connection Mechanisms” (if there is).

Here is a sample of a working tag.

This is mine:

Try with capital letters: REAL, not Real…

Look at the last post…

Also this:

Already tried it with capital letters, and other data types as well. Actually my DB1 and DB13 has the same set of tags (all are integers) and I got no problem communicating with DB13. Got all my tags working in all DB’s, just find it strange why it’s only DB1.

I presume that you started with DB1 and you had several errors before you ‘nailed’ right…
I had same problems few times. Everything is set right, but the tag is not working…
At the end nothing else helped, than exporting all tags, deleting the device, restarting the Ignition server, creating the same device again and importing all tags. Voila: all tags are working…