Same parent project on multiple Front Ends - Scale-Out/Hub and Spoke Architecture

I am rolling out multiple front-ends and IO gateways and want to maintain a single global project on the gateways with all of the templates for valves, motors, etc.

Does anyone know how to share a project across multiple front-end gateways. I assume this is possible as it is what is shown on the scale-out architecture with a load balancer as presumably you will want the same projects on all three front-end gateways in order to give you your redundancy.

You share the project manually:

Project synchronization is planned, but a ways out:


As previous posters have mentioned, EAM is your best option. You should make whatever changes you want to your global project, and then push it down to managed Gateways when it is in a production-level state. This would also allow for using your master node as a sort of staging environment - if configured correctly.

As was also noted regarding project synchronization, please remember that changes to one instance of a project do not propagate out to other instances - you will need to push the project to the other Gateways to see changes there.

This project dissemination would also require a restart of the front-end Gateways once completed (99% 75% 10% sure).

Pretty sure that’s not the case in 8.0, since the project manager should automatically notice the changes on the filesystem.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve set up EAM and will look at setting up some scheduled tasks. Cheers.