Script Editor Documentation

Is there any supplementary documentation (in addition to the Ignition Appendix) addressing objects, methods and properties not immediately exposed through the Autocompletion Popup in the Script Editor?

Example; we wanted to know the width of a parent window of a component. The Autocompletion Popup easily gets us to “system.gui.getParentWindow” and that we should pass an event object to it. It seems that the ‘event’ object works and we guessed at the .width property. So, this works to get the parent window width. “print str(system.gui.getParentWindow(event).width)”

Additional details on the ‘event’ object and other undocumented EventObject type objects, it’s methods and parameters would be greatly appreciated.

To clarify, getting the width of a parent object is just a simple example. We have also guessed at other methods like “system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getLocationOnScreen.x” It works but there’s no documentation that we can find on the method.

Thanks in advance.

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