Set Gateway Settings in a Script?

Is there any way to set gateway settings via startup script?

e.g. setting the automated backup folder on startup? Or setting the name of the gateway?

Not in any supported way, no. Sufficient combing through this forum may get you something that works, but be aware that it’s subject to breaking between Ignition versions.

What are you after, in terms of setting up automated backups/populating the gateway name in a startup script? Do you actually expect those settings to need to change dynamically?

An option for ‘orchestrated deployment’ are Kevin Collin’s officially unofficial Docker images:

@PGriffith Tackling the same problem as here: Any 'configuration' tools to set up different connections based on configuration

Where I have two servers, a development and production server, that I want to be able to perform backup restores to without changing db connection strings. I solved the db problem with a startup script to read a configuration.

I realized after posting that I can change the name of the gateway as an option in the backup restore, so that issue is solved.

But I’d like to be able to do the same thing for the backup folder. That way the development backups aren’t saved in the same place as production backups. (It’s not a huge issue, since the name of the backup file has the name of the gateway, so they are technically discernable if in the same folder. But would be nice to have.)