Set one tag value to another tag's value on valueChanged event


Avoid any python standard library imports where performance (and sometimes correctness) matters.

@pturmel you're like the old school Santa that gives awesome presents when you're good and smack the :poop: out of you when you're not. :slight_smile: this is fantastic and is getting configured today. fortunately (?) we don't have many SQL calls, mostly to project tag datasets. so trimming those now has an added element of import. and not to be finicky or look a gift ship in the rockets, but do i need to import all of System or will that have no real impact? i tend to trim my imports to just what i need and i don't know Java... :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: so leave Python imports out of performance-necessary scripts. gotcha.

You cannot. You cannot use wildcard imports with java classes. You must import by class name. The import I suggested is one java class, not a package.

oh, that's great. good to know. thank you.

Unless he meant

from java.lang.System import nanoTime


I don't think you can import a method. Have you tried that?

That's what I do. I rename it too... :grimacing: To simply nt

from java.lang.System import nanoTime as nt

I know that's probably naughty

Huh. Ok. :man_shrugging:


{ The icon doesn't do justice to the eye roll you just produced. Bumped my pupils against the back of my skull. }

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you rolled your eyes so hard you saw your own brain. :smiley:

If he had imported it as _0y, my eyeballs would have exited their sockets to stare back at me. It's probably just as well that python doesn't permit identifiers that start with a digit.


It's like the Tardis inside. It may look like a standard sized brain from the outside, but on the inside, it's the size of the universe :exploding_head: (talking about Phil, of course)

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