SQLite DB failed to load after polling rate


I am facing certain issues with sqlite db performance. It is taking so much time to load data from db and after some time or when polling rate of 5000ms reached it is throwing error. dont know how to solve this as it frustrate team while presenting demo.

It depends on how you pull the data.
Maybe limit of return of rows, perhaps stage the loading.
SQLite is what it says in the name, lite, it will not perform like MS SQL Server or MySQL.

Maybe you have an inefficient SQL statement that makes the sqlite engine to do alot of heavy work before returning the data.

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This. Use a real database. A SQLite DB, fundamentally, is a generic configuration file manipulated with SQL. Its codebase is optimized for compact single file storage and a minimalist library footprint. It is not and never will be suitable for Tag History in any ordinary sense.

If you want maximum utility in a free database, I recommend PostgreSQL. I think MariaDB is also a good choice.