SQLite on Easy Chart not working

Hi, Ignition newbie here.

I have this database connection that uses SQLite and says it valid. I have checked if this driver was also installed in my gateway. There is no error in the gateway database connection status but when I try to put an easy chart, it doesn’t write. It also has this overlay on the component and an error.

May I know what other things should I check or things I have missed on making the easy chart to work?


Could we see your chart configuration, and any relevant information within? The problem is probably one of your bindings.

Show this:
and anything in this:

hi justine, this is the example of my chart config. I also tried to create new chart and drag some analog tags, but it gives me an error of database query error based on its overlay. I also checked my db connection and history tag provider and its valid.

Okay. In the second column named TAG_PATH, expand that out, so you can see the entire path. Then, navigate to the tag(s) in the tag browser. Make sure the tag path is correct, and that the tag quality is good:

I already checked the correct tagpath,or the specific tags in my browser and it’s in good quality. I also checked the db connection & the tag history provider, its valid & running. But every time I check my chart, it appears an Error_DatabaseQuery which is a puzzle for me right now. I think i have to reconfigure or edit my settings in my gateway and I’m still clueless since my history tag provider is running.

DB pens in the easy chart require the ‘Legacy Database Access’ permission.

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